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Black & White Wednesdays - Fight!

If there's one thing my kids love more than they love each other
It is they love to fight!
And you see...no one explained that to me me before I had kids.
I pictured them holding hands and hugging,
and sharing and whispering cute things in each others' ears
(which does happen...about 15% of the time... on a good day)

So when mommy gets out the water balloons
and explains to them
that the object is to chase each other and
pummel each other with them
they can barely contain their excitement.
It's controlled agression and they'll take it!
so we filled up about 100 water balloons,
there was a lot of giggling, and chasing, and they had such a blast!
the rest...
well, is history...

Happy Black & White Wednesday!


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  1. FUN!!! Who could pass up that chance? You are such a cool mommy. :)

  2. Great crop on the bw photo. :)

  3. Clever idea! They were probably worn out and good friends by the end of it all!


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