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Friday's Deep thought...Time Management

If there's one thing I am struggling with these days, it's time management.

I always kind of took pride in the fact that everything was always done

by the time I sat on the couch at the end of a long day,

but these days, I am finding myself sitting down later and later

and still having that feeling that there is more I could and should be doing.

This feeling probably has nothing {insert sarcasm} to do with the fact that

my husband has taken on a more demanding job,

that my business has gotten much busier {insert cheering}

and that I still continue to work fulltime and take care of 3 kids and a house

and all the activities and social events etc.

So it leaves me wondering, is it really time management,

or are there simply not enough hours in the day for what I want to do?

Either way, I came across this blog post from Valley & Co

last night and really liked the advice that Aleah & Nick shared.

There's one in particular that really resonated with me...

and that is to know that it's ok.

That I may not get everything done and that it's ok, it will all be there tomorrow.

So how do you manage your time?

Do you have any tricks or techniques that work well in your life?

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