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Black & White Wednesday - Change


Almost 5 years ago, we moved into the perfect neighborhood
a neighborhood where on any given summer night
kids play outside
(with their parents)
till the wee hours,
where rules apply across four different backyards
and families grow
Where neighbors are...well, more than neighbors
Almost 5 years ago
3 little boys peeked through the trees dividing our yards
and found their way into our hearts

So the morning the moving truck was parked outside their house
3 little teary eyed girls (4 if you count me) knew things would be different

I'm sure the new neighbors will be nice
I'm sure they like to play outside
and eat popsicles all year round
but will they call my middle daughter "Veronica" for an entire summer
because that's what she changed her name to?

Their new house is only 2 miles away
and I know they will always be a part of our lives

But it's still different

I had the opportunity to do their photoshoot in their new home
Here's my Black & White contribution for this week...

Here's those 3 "little" boys with their new baby sister...

Is she not the cutest thing?

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  1. Your story made me cry this morning, as I have had to say goodbye a number of times like that...what beautiful captures of these children!

  2. I'm so sorry that your adorable neighbors moved away. What a wonderful thing to be able to capture their family in photos to last a lifetime.

  3. We used to live in a neighborhood like yours and when our neighbors/best friends moved away first we just cried and cried. They moved to Hawaii so going to visit is pretty sweet but it's far and few between to enjoy a meal together now.

    Your pictures are precious! What treasures!

  4. UGH... that is so sad when that happens. You are right, it is just not the same. Hopefully you will keep getting the kids together since they are only two miles away. They are ADORABLE....and oh my, she is the sweetest little butterfly fairy I have every seen~



  5. Sorry for you and your family! Praying that the new family will be a wonderful addition to your lives and neighborhood.

    The photos are precious and she is absolutely adorable!

  6. I love the way you describe your neighbourhood. How dare they break it up. And only to go 2 miles??

    Sweet pictures of these kids though. Oooh...what a cute butterfly.

  7. Oh so sad! When we moved form our neighbors it was heart breaking but we still keep in close contact so dont worry! You'll always have then in your life!

    Cute pictures!!!

  8. Oh, that's so sad. Hope the new neighbours are nice. I don't like change of that kind either. The children look absolutely adorable and you've captured them so beautifully.

    Erika B

  9. Great looking children! What a lovely neighborhood you described. It's straight out of a book or movie!


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