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Weeks of Summer - Week 7

We are way into August and trying to fit in all of the things we said we would do this summer...It was a busy, busy week with several photoshoots and meeting new people.

Started the week right with a photoshoot with this family, they made my heart melt...

Rewarded myself for working so hard with this...

Took the kids to feed the animals...

Practiced our modeling ;)

Picked some peaches!

Remained calm as my kids refused to cooperate at this very cool spot, we will have to go back when they are in a better mood...

Spent the afternoon with our new baby cousin!

As we are trying to get things in order for another busy week ahead, laying the kids down, saying good night and hoping they fall slaeep fast, one whispers "it was a fun weekend mommy" and in those simple words makes it all worthwhile!

Let's make the next 3 weeks even better!

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