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Weeks of Summer - Week 5

Well, here we are, summer is half over. It's amazing how winter can drag on forever but yet summer is gone in the blink of an eye.

This week was an exciting one...

Decided to cross one more thing of of my bucket list and took a road trip to Mystic, CT and got to meet "Boomerang". A sea lion who knows sign language...too cool!

Ate "A Slice (or two) of Heaven" at this place, it really was the best pizza ever!!

Took these 5 skippers aboard an early 1900's sailboat.

She wouldn't do the Titanic shot, so we settled for this...

Still can't believe I have a daughter this big, she is growing up so fast...

She's such a stinker, I can't even stand it!

Such a fun week, that they are jumping for joy!

On the agenda for the upcoming week is, buying a laundry list of school supplies, uniforms and backpacks... boooooooo!
Have a great week everyone!

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