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Weeks of Summer - Week 4

Big milestones happening in our household, way big! I can now go on an outing with just my kids and my purse, no more diaper bag!!! This is a huge milestone and I feel free and liberated after almost 9 years of diapers and all that comes along with them! So, with no more diapers comes all other kinds of milestones...

So down, came the crib...I thought I would be celebrating, but instead found myself teary eyed as he took apart the crib that all 3 of our babies slept in for nearly 9 years collectively...

And little miss got to pick out her brand new bedding for her big girl bed, doesn't she just have that look that says "hehehe, as if I'm going to stay in this bed all night, you're crazy"

I picked flowers from my garden

We planted and actually have things that are growing! Dad would be so proud!

Actually witnessed grown men kicking little kids out of a big inflatable bouncy thing so that they could do this... unbelievable!

Got to wish 2 little sweethearts a very happy birthday!

And got some much needed time to myself to go hiking and discovered a new inspiring location!

This week ahead will be a fun but very busy one, if I manage to sleep 4 hours a day I will be happy! Have a great week everyone!

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