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Weeks of Summer - Week 2

It was a busy week, but having this little assignment is really helping to slow me down and getting me to pick up the camera and catch these moments. So here goes...week 2 of 10...

Met with this lovely mommy to be for the (probably) last time since her due date is fast approaching. (We've been doing monthly maternity shoots to document her pregnancy...so cool, wish I would have thought of that at least one of the three times I was expecting!)

Caught this little monkey in one of her silly moods during dinner...

Is reassured once again that she lives in the coolest neighborhood (neighbors went on vacation and asked if the kids could pick their raspberries and eat them since they wouldn't be home for ripening time)

Sat poolside with the fam...

Was smiling ear to ear watching her monkey having a great time!

Sat around the coolest fire pit ever!

And last but most definitely not least, enjoyed a surprise fireworks display while sitting around a fire with her awesome family (and for once in her life, nailed the settings and caught the picture perfectly...photographing fireworks is no joke!!)

Happy Birthday America!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the all the pictures but I esp. love the picture of Allie in the pool.


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