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Weeks of Summer - Week 1

This summer, I decided to give myself a little photography assignment and document each week in photos...

So here's week 1 of 10 weeks of summer...

Spent the day with 5 little ladies (all by myself) and hopefully gave them a day they will always remember...

Engraved in my head what this little monkey looked like at this very moment, so that the next time she gives me an attitude, I can use it to calm myself down :)

Met my brand new little niece, counted all her 10 little fingers and 10 little toes...

Drove by this house and wondered who used to live there and do they know they left the window open?

Admitted hands down, that my babysitter has the coolest flowers in her garden!

Found this dog...

who was running away from home with this dog...named them, took them for a ride in the car with the girls, got them a happy meal...and had 3 very sad little girls when his owners came to pick him up. (and I swear the one little dog had a tear in his eye when he was pulling away from our house)

Looking forward to 9 more weeks of summer!

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