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Black & White Wednesday - Traditions

One of the things that photography

has allowed me to do for my own children

is to document their growth, their achievements

and their relationships with each other.

Last year we went to feed the ducks at a local creek,

and I snapped this shot...

The minute I took it, I loved it!

So I decided, this will be our yearly summer shot of the girls...

This past weekend we had a free moment to go visit our ducky friends

And to make mommy happy, we snapped the picture

And here it is...

Creek picture 2011

I love seeing how much they have grown.

It's a little bittersweet.

The girls had fun trying to mimic their pose from the previous year...

They joked and asked if I will be doing this even when they are married...

I joked back and said "of course,

and we can have your husbands in the background, a little out of focus"

Happy Wednesday my friends!



the long road

Live and Love...Out Loud


  1. I love this idea!! Very cute shots, both of them. What a treasure these will be as they grow.

  2. Great shots! And a nice tradition to begin! Love it.

  3. AW. This is such a beautiful photo and tradition you have started. Love it!! Thanks so much for linkin up for WW!

  4. Oh how sweet. I love it...

    So nice to meet you♥

  5. This is a great idea to do every year. I love the setting. Both photos are fabulous!

  6. Great shot. Very sweet. They grow up so fast.

  7. The best! Love this so much.... makes me smile. Thanks for sharing this moment and your daughters are amazing & so beautiful!

  8. Oh- I am so in love with the processing on the second one- Perfection.

  9. LOL about their husbands!! I love this idea and both pictures are adorable! My how they've grown in just a year!!

  10. They have grown, especially your eldest.


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