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sim·plic·i·ty [ sim plíssətee ]

being simple: a lack of complexity, complication, embellishment, or difficulty

There are days...

Where life just cannot get crazier.

When I seem forgetful

and out of sync

(like the day I totally forgot it was "bring a picture of your pet" to school day)

There are days where if the kids are fed and clean by 8pm

I am a happy girl!

Or I had 5 minutes to just cuddle with one of them

I am a very happy girl!

There are days I don't talk to my husband...

I might "talk" to him

But it consists of reminders, tasks, and other mundane things.

There are days

where I worry

If my kids get enough of ME

(then I quickly realize that they can never have enough)

There are days where I worry

that the next 9 years will go just as fast as the first

and my oldest will be 18.

There are days I worry

If I am good enough...

If I deserve it all

And where this is all taking me.

And then there are days

where a single look from my husband

tells me how much we know each other.

A hug from my daughter

tells me she understands that everything I do

Every appointment I have

Every meeting I go to

Every late night in front of the computer

is showing her that

You have to work hard for something you want

There are days

when I get the perfect shot of them

not posed or dressed perfectly

but perfectly captures their relationship

...their personality

days where life seems simple

where things fall into place

and riding bikes outside is the main activity for the day.

These days might happen few and far between

But they are the ones that keep me going

that re-energize me

that make me think that life is...


I realize that by focusing on the complexity, I am totally missing the simplicity.

I want to spend more time documenting the amazement that is

living my life.

Capturing moments of nothing

and documenting my family's life...

As is...

Because at the end of the day

they keep me grounded

they motivate me to be better

and they are who I do it all for.

So for today's blogpost...

No Pictures at all

Because although pictures say a thousand words...

Sometimes words say it all too


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