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A fried read my last post and said it reminded her of another blog she follows...

It was about 9:30 pm when I got her email and went straight to Kelle's blog...I immediately could relate to so much she was saying and stayed up for hours reading her story. What intrigued me the most was the title of her blog... "Enjoying the Small Things"...exactly what I had blogged about that day.

It's amazing...but focusing on the little things has an incredible effect on mood! My husband works Saturdays and is often gone before we even get up. This morning I was woken up at 7:30 by a sleepy, hair all over her face, 9 year old crying that she had a bad dream... I got to cuddle with her for about 5 minutes before the next 2 walked in within seconds of each other.

I think most Saturdays I would be annoyed... "Why can't I just sleep in one day out of the week?" But today felt different, hanging out with 3 girlies and 2 doggies (yep, we are those people who allow our dogs on our beds) in my big comfy bed just felt perfect!

So now it's 9:05 am on a Saturday morning and the sun is shining (Thank you Mother Nature) and we have already read a book, colored, made a yummy breakfast and enjoyed it together, had a dance party in the living room, and I even got to have 2 cups of coffee on the deck!

So many "little things"

Now don't get me wrong...there has already been
one altercation,
2 timeouts,
and a stubbed toe,
but we're not focusing on that ;)

Yep, she still has her binkie...I get yelled at every 6 months at the dentist...bad mommy!

So today I am grateful that I was woken up early...
imagine if I had slept in till 9:05...I would have missed it all!

Enjoy YOUR Saturday everyone!!

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  1. Love it! It is the small things........thank-you for a wonderful evening!


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