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If it is important to you...

I came across a quote today on one of my favorite photog's blogs

If it is important to you
You will find a way
If it is not
You will find an excuse

Enough said! Time to start focusing on me again!

It's so easy to say, that I don't have time (which I don't)
But if I can make time to watch Desperate Housewives every Sunday...
Well then, I can drag myself to the gym.
No more excuses!
I have 3 little reasons to get healthy for!


  1. Love, love, love it! So very true as I know all too well..NO MORE excuses! Let's work it TOGETHER, girl!!!!

  2. Fabulous quote (have to write this one down), and image!

  3. My photography hobby is apparently more important to me than my time for working out! Thanks for the reminder that I need to make time for both.


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