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Black & White Wednesday - Once a year

Once a year, my parents come to visit from Portugal for a month or two.
My girls count down on a calendar until the day we pick them up at the airport
And cry for days after they leave
Then it all starts again, counting down until their next arrival

I love watching my parents do all the things with them that
they were too busy to do with me

My kids' love for my parents is unreal...
It's amazing to watch my strict, unemotional father
Break down and sob as he says goodbye to them year after year
And see how his face changes when he sees my kids each morning when they wake up
These days are priceless and I will treasure these moments...

Almost makes me forget all the other things that drive me absolutely
nuts about them :)

Happy Wednesday everyone
and head on over to Lisa's for more B & W amazingness!

the long road


  1. Janet, I love this post! And great pics...as always!!!!!

  2. I love this too! You got me all verklempt!

  3. Love this! Your girls are so beautiful!

  4. Love those wonderful memories captured- the kids will love to look back on those photos as time passes!

  5. This is so sweet. You captured beautiful moments and you black and white conversions are just right.


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