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Workshop Weekend!!!

After much excitement and anticipation...Workshop weekend came and went. It's not often that mommies get to spend a weekend doing what they love to do, so I am very thankful for the opportunity. It was so much fun to get to hang out with some fab ladies (shout out to Becky, Diana, Jennifer, and Lisa!!!) and exchange tips and ideas on how to improve what we love to do. Also got to meet some adorable models (thanks mommies for sharing your gorgeous kids with us!)

So here's a little sneak peek from the weekend...I can't wait to continue working on these!


  1. Look at your gorgeous blog and even more gorgeous gift for pics!!! You go girl! It was wonderful to meet you...I feel so blessed! Happy you are home with your kiddos and hoping you had a refreshing weekend!

    I will certainly be back! :) Keep clicking!


  2. GORGEOUS!!! These pictures are amazing! I cannot wait to see more:)

    It was such a fun weekend for all and I am so happy that we got to finally meet. We will have to get together with the little ones.....I am sure Sarah would love to spend an afternoon with your girls:)

    Have a great week and let me know if you need help with anything~



    PS. Thank you for the adorable shoes and hair bling..... can't wait to see Reagan wearing them

  3. Hi Janet!!!!
    I LOVED playing photographer with you all weekend!!!! Beautiful pics above!! I wish I lived in Bethlehem! You have so many incredible placed to photograph your beautiful subjects at!!! Have fun practicing Photo Shop!! :)
    My girls start pre-school tomorrow, so I can't wait to edit my pics!!

    I will check back soon!

  4. Well, I finally made it over here tonight to see this GORGEOUS blog and your photography website....wow...so elegantly done!

    I had such a wonderful afernoon with you and the girls yesterday in Bethlehem...you were all so worth the drive!

    I only wish I would have had the opportunity to share the whole weekend with you guys....

    I really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to meeting up again with the Pennsylvania Posse!

  5. Oh, and the photo of my little Sweetie, above, just made my heart skip a beat! So beautifully done! I LOVE IT!

  6. Thank you everyone! I had so much fun this past weekend, I can't even describe it! Thank you all for your kind words!!

  7. Beautiful pictures! I attended Lisa's first workshop and I learned so much.
    I bet you had lots of fun!

  8. Janet!!!
    I am STILL editing!! I hope to post a few today!!!
    How's photoshop going? Your pics look great!

    :) Diana


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