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Bringing baby home...

Please join me in welcoming the newest addition to the Pix-Ology family...

Do you remember that feeling? The nervousness of the unknown, the excitement of what is possible and what's to come...

Now, I am completely scared and overwhelmed by this. It's like learning a whole other language and thoughts cross my mind, like... "am I too old for this?" or "Did I wait too long" and then you really start to question yourself... "Will it be nice to me and will it be patient with me as I learn"

Then you realize, there's support out there, reach out and just ask for help. This is a huge responsibility and I am not alone...

"hello, thank you for calling Apple support, how can I help you?"
"Oh my goodness, I just brought this home and I don't even know what to do"
"How far have you gotten?"
"hmmmm, I brought it in from the car..."
"Did you take it out of the box?"
hmmmm, no, I thought I'd call you first"

So as you can imagine, I am still trying to get to know my new baby and all the little things I had to buy for it...

like this...

It's a magic trackpad, it's so cool and people who are cool use it, so I had to get it!

and here it is, all proud and happy in its new home...

Welcome home iMac, welcome home!

A special thank you to my friends Heather and Danielle for convincing me over brunch to switch over to the darkside...I heart you guys!


  1. Do you like your track pad? I'm not sure if I would.... Any suggestions?

  2. I ran onto your blog from Black and White Wednesday. I am glad I am not the only one who took a picture of my Mac box! I made the switch March and you will completely enjoy it!


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