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Birthdays in Heaven

"Mommy, can we Rocko see us?
Can he hear us?
Does he see us play with Bruno?
Does he eat?
Does he have a birthday?"

Today would have been Rocko's 13th birthday, our lovable family dog that left us the week after Thanksgiving.  The girls still talk about him every day and ask a million questions.  My little one, when asked how many dogs she has she says "Three... two in our house, and one in heaven"

So today was a very special day, and to honor our little guy, they wanted to send him a birthday gift, 5 balloons, one from each of us, a homemade card, and some baby carrots, his favorite treat.  It was bittersweet watching the balloons disappear into the winter sky, but sharing the experience is just another way our hearts are healing.  We love our guy and miss him so much.
Happy birthday Rocko!  You are were the best boy!

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