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A little catching up to do....

My middle monkey turned 6 this month, and I normally am on top of the the birthday shoot and birthday post and everything is perfectly on time...well my life has been anything but perfect lately and things have just gotten a little behind.  The kids schedules are busier than ever, wok and life and fun and all those things just kind of got out of control for a little bit.  But I do feel a little bit of breathing room coming soon and maybe some normalcy...or maybe this is the new normal...Either way, life is good, we are blessed beyond measure and I am so proud of my little baby who is turning out to be an amazing little lady!

I really try not to pose her, but once she is in front of the camera this 
automatic model instinct kicks in. 

She is our funny girl, our tough girl, our girly girl.
She is competitive, and usually cries if she doesn't come in first place
or her team doesn't win (we need to work on that)
She has the best giggle and loves to make us laugh.
She is wise beyond her years...
 She rocks a side pony tail most days, and if she didn't have to wear a uniform to school,
I'd be afraid of what her daily selections would be.
She has her ow style, and isn't easily influenced...

 Happy birthday sweet angel, I cannot wait to see what you have to offer this world!
Love you to pieces,

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