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Wow it has been forever since I posted to the blog...
I think about it everyday, but somehow the day escapes me and another one goes by
that I don't post...

So since today rained and our schedule magically opened up we had some free time.
We had planned a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, but when we woke up
and saw that it was damp and chilly we decided to stay close to home.
Being that my husband is more of a kid than my kids, he had to go see animals either way.
So we played our favorite game 
which is entering things into the GPS and going to find them.

We first went to a horse stable, Heart's Journey Stables so we could get info for riding lessons for my middle daughter,
The kids got to feed the horses treats and pet a few of them.
We were given a tour and got to meet Pom-Pom, who the kids fell in love with.

Next we went to a creamery,
that was loads of fun, we walked around with one of the farmers
and he showed us everything and the kids loved seeing how they milk the cows.

The kids got to play pet the baby cows
and even got to meet one who was born 2 nights ago.

They got to pet barn cats, feed mules and chase roosters, such a blast!

The last place we ended up (as usual with these types of adventures)
was a winery
I have been wanting to check out Franklin Hills Winery 
since they make my ultimate favorite red wine.

I was glad we found it, and 6 bottles later we were on our way home.

I was kind of glad we ditched the zoo, finding our own adventure was a lot more fun...
We can always do the zoo, the next free Sunday we have
Whenever that is!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday as much as we did!


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