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Portuguese Folklore

Over the last few years, 
our local Portuguese community has formed a "Rancho"
This is a dancing and musical folklore group 
that dances and performs at functions 
within the local Portuguese Club as well as traveling 
to other Portuguese clubs and performing for them.  
 They have added a children's group recently 
and the kids have been working so hard to perfect their dances.  This past month they were a guest at 
The South Rive Portuguese Club in New Jersey 
and they all danced their little hearts out!  
I couldn't be prouder of my community coming together to form this group and for everyone's dedication to making it a success!

 Rancho clothing consists of colorful, elaborate costumes representing different regions of Portugal

 The band consists of an accordion player, guitar player, Saxophone player, drummer and other folklore instruments...
 Some of the men will play the Castanholas
a handheld percussion instrument
that makes a rhythmic clicking sound
 The girls love being a part of this group
 (despite the little one's expression)

 See...she's having fun here :)
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!  

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  1. What a fun time! Great pictures commemorating the day.


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