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Family Book

If there's one thing I struggle with, is keeping up with my own family's memories.  I take tons of pictures, and sometimes I even go as far as editing a few, but they rarely seem to make it past my computer.  I have made books for each of my kids, but as they get older, it just gets more and more difficult, so this year I am starting something new.  I will compile all of our memories from the year into one "Family Book".  Our vacations, silly moments, school activities all in one book.  It will have a specific title for each book, that maybe sumarizes our year.  I might even involve the kiddos in some decision making and make it even more personal for them.  I can't believe how excited I am about doing this, it takes a huge weight off of me.  Oh and how cool would it be then to print off copies for family members as Christmas presents!  Brilliant! 

Here's what I am thinking will be the cover...

I am so excited to put this together...now for the one issue...
when will I find the time :)

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