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Everything is coming together!

There have been so many exciting things going on.
I sometimes cannot even believe it!
I have met amazing clients,
made connections that will last a lifetime,
and worked with some of the best and nicest people out there.

This little dream is becoming reality!

And the latest thing that has me all giddy is the updated blog.
I have been so excited over this.
I "met" Jen from The Art of Living Designs from another blog I follow.
I had been looking to update the site for a while,
but every time I would start I would get frustrated.
I wanted a new look, but something that still represented me and my brand.
I couldn't be happier with what Jen put together!
I am so excited and hope that you all love it too.
I cannot wait for what lies ahead!

So for today, I leave you with this little quote I found...

The thing always happens that you really believe in;
And the belief in a thing makes it happen.

- Frank Loyd Wright


  1. Love the new blog, Janet! Dream BIG!

  2. Love the new blog! And I'm so happy for you that all your dreams, sweat, tears and hard work are coming together for you! Best of luck my friend!


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