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Black & White Wednesday

This summer will leave me and I will go down kicking and screaming...
Already backpacks are everywhere, soccer practices started
and I am left wondering if we did at least most
of the things that were on my list...

Weather definitely didn't play in our favor...
It felt like everytime we planned something fun, 
we would get torrential downpours

I still have a lot planned for the next few days...
And if anyone knows me well,
you know it will get done!

So I leave you with these images...
Of the ultimate summertime fun.
And I urge you, please
stomp alongside me and protest
that this summer is not over yet!!

Happy Wednesday to you all!
And head on over to Lisa's blog for some more!


  1. I love the color shot, but I love the b/w images even more; they're so lovely!

    I am so ready for cooler weather... WAY TOO HOT right now for me.

  2. Great shots! I'm stomping with you and have been for the last week since we've already started. Hope you guys enjoy your last few days of summer!

  3. I told my son the other day that school was starting because summer was over and he corrected met hat summer isn't technically over until October. So see you still have a few more months depending on how you look at it. :)

  4. AWESOME shots- what a beautiful trio!!

  5. It's definitely not over yet! Great pics! Love them all!

  6. such beautiful photos of your girls! I love the braids " good luck finishing your to-do list.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how Kindergarten goes next week! it's a boohoo sort of a day . . .

    xo ellie

  7. I am in the same boat!! Kicking and screaming that is. Summertime with my girls is the most precious time! Your girls are gorgeous! Visiting from The Long Road to China.


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