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B & W Wednesday - Flash forward

This picture scares me beyond belief!

(I think daddy stopped breathing for a minute when I
showed him this picture)

The thought that one day she will take a similar walk...

The day she wears the last white dress...

the long road

Wordish Wednesday


  1. What a wonderful shot. You will need to keep that to put with the next version. :)

  2. What a sweet moment you captured! Just lovely.

  3. Aww.....that is so precious!! It would scare me to see my girls just like that...definately a keeper for that special day though!

  4. Oh wow, I can see why your husband stopped breathing lol. Love your lighting and a great moment! I think my husband's scared too, I tell him every now and then - one day you'll be walking her down the isle haha.


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