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I came across this picture recently...

It was taken in Brazil in November of 1977

I had just turned 1

When I first saw this picture I was overcome with feelings...

For so many reasons

I was reminded of my dad's passion for photography

Reminded that he was probably around my age when he took it

Reminded of our humble life

And reminded of the remarkable resemblance to my own children

Again I was reminded of how important pictures are...

These snippets of time...are priceless!


  1. I can see why it would invoke a range of emotions. A special moment captured during a unique time and place. So neat that you have followed in your dad's footsteps. And you on the trunk of that car is just too cute for words. :)

  2. PRICELESS INDEED!!! I LOVE this shot Janet..... how cool to have this photo in your posession.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend~




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