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Black & White Wednesday - Cabin Fever

We are under attack!
Mother Nature is just covering our area with snow and ice
and these kids
{and parents}
are going crazy!
So this past weekend we decided to head to the mall...
Not a favorite activity with 3 little ones
But we grinned and bared it!
The grand finale?
A stop at Build a bear Workshop!

Lot's of B & W Loveliness over at Lisa's blog!
the long road


  1. Hello, there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was scrolling through and noticed that you took similar shots a couple of weeks ago! Love them! And your girls are adorable!

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Hey There! You should have called.... we are also climbing the walls. We could have gotten the girls together for a little play date or something!!

    Looks like Build A Bear was a big hit with the girls....they are so darn cute!!

    I heard we are getting more snow Saturday....YUCK!!

    Counting the day until spring:)



    PS.... Loved your comment about Shelly.... but I think you do well on your own. You always have cute jewelry and accessories!


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