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Life List

I am a list maker...
I make lists about lists I need to make...
I like to cross things off
I feel accomplished...

A few months ago I came across this post on one of my favorite blogs. I remember thinking, I don't have 100 realistic things I think I can do...then it hit me, they don't have to be realistic.

How do I know what the next few weeks will bring or the next few years or decades. So I threw caution to the wind and started my own Life List. It probably took me at least 3 months to get 100 things down on paper, I would jot things down whenever I found myself thinking "I wish I could do that" and all of a sudden I had 100 things down, some things I want, some things I wish, some things I hope for.

So what better time than the New Year to share this with you all...

So here it is, my carefully calculated List of things I want to accomplish before...
well...you know..

My Life List
  1. Take my kids and husband to Portugal to meet my family
  2. Host a foreign exchange student
  3. Own a neighborhood pub
  4. Get published for my photography
  5. Teach my daughters photography
  6. Take a romantic trip to Greece with my one and only (after the kids are on their own)
  7. Stop complaining
  8. Stop listening to others who complain
  9. Manage my business expenses more closely
  10. Go to Cape Cod
  11. Visit NYC and see the Statue of Liberty
  12. Take my daughters to a Penn State Football game
  13. Sleep outside with my girls
  14. Take a yoga class
  15. Take a kickboxing class
  16. Scrapbook at least the first years of my daughters’ lives
  17. Invent something
  18. Do the 365 days photo assignment
  19. Swim with Dolphins
  20. Donate a substantial amount of money to an animal shelter
  21. Cross the border to Canada
  22. Learn to ski
  23. Teach a photography class for children
  24. Do a self-portrait
  25. Photograph a famous person (knowingly, not paparazzi style)
  26. Create a family tradition for each holiday
  27. Volunteer yearly
  28. Get in a workout routine and stick to it
  29. Live a healthier lifestyle
  30. Photograph my parents
  31. Hire a photographer to do MY family pictures
  32. Find my childhood friend from Brazil, Juliana
  33. Start a charity for kids with cancer
  34. Learn to accept compliments
  35. Make photography my full-time career
  36. Visit Italy
  37. Trace my family heritage
  38. Go on a missions trip with my husband
  39. Go to a dealership and buy any car that I want
  40. Photograph my family’s small town in Portugal and write a book about it
  41. Own a beach house
  42. Organize my family photos and print them!
  43. Rent a Winnebago and drive across the US
  44. Take my daughters clamming where my grandfather took me
  45. Go fruit picking and make jars of jam with it
  46. Donate to a scholarship fund
  47. Donate a photoshoot a month to a deserving family
  48. Go to church every (most) Sundays
  49. Do the chocolate spa thing at Hershey
  50. Spend a day doing girly things with my girls
  51. Take a trip with my girlfriends
  52. Make wine
  53. Have a picnic in a vineyard
  54. Take my daughters to a Broadway show
  55. Buy a house with an inground pool
  56. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
  57. Speak at a graduation
  58. Host a murder mystery party
  59. Run a 5 k
  60. Become a wine connoisseur
  61. Finally understand Football
  62. Inner tube down a river
  63. Renew my wedding vows on a beach
  64. Take a pottery class
  65. Speak fluent Spanish
  66. Run a profitable business where I make my own hours
  67. Schedule my work around my life (not vice versa)
  68. Say a prayer at Ground zero
  69. See Niagara Falls
  70. Put a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean
  71. Rent a scooter at the beach
  72. Build an outdoor barbecue out of bricks
  73. Take my daughters to see the Cristo Redentor in Brazil (like my dad took me)
  74. Perform in a play
  75. Attend a World Cup game
  76. Have my palms read
  77. Vacation in Hawaii
  78. Start a family recipe book for my girls
  79. Walk (and maybe shop) on Rodeo Drive
  80. Be someone’s hero
  81. Have a yard sale
  82. Cook an entire meal using a fire
  83. Cook all our family’s meals for a month
  84. Become debt free
  85. Go to a drive-in
  86. Play golf
  87. Host a Gala
  88. Watch my girls fall in love
  89. Grow old with my one and only
  90. Watch my daughters change the world
  91. Be a mentor to someone
  92. Become organized
  93. Develop a family budget and stick to it
  94. Lose the weight I want o lose and then stay there!
  95. Learn to let things go
  96. Be thankful everyday
  97. Be the mom that my daughters deserve
  98. Have my work showcased in a studio
  99. Live peacefully
  100. Allow myself to dream
and they said I wouldn't use my $400 Cricut!

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