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Black & White Wednesday - On the way to school...

I have a 30 minute window of time, from the time my oldest starts school to the time my middle baby goes to preschool. At first, this was pretty annoying. Driving around wasting time until it was time for her to go in. But, I'm actually treasuring the undivided time I get with her each morning without her 2 sisters competing for attention. We have found ways to keep ourselves busy like counting school buses, playing Simon says and getting a cup of coffee (coffee for me, "coffee" for her). One of these days, she looked extra adorable. so I took her to a nearby park and did an impromptu photoshoot. I am really starting to like my mornings with my baby girl. It's a half hour a day that she is all mine and I am all hers!

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the long road


  1. Oh, those are really sweet! Love the second from the top. I understand that you cherish your time together. It's so rare to be able to make one on one time in our house but it's always special when it happens. Love how the tracks make beautiful lines through your shots.

    Erika B

  2. Oh, I'm crazy about these shots. Love the processing too.

    Isn't it great when we can spend one on one with them. I have the same thing with my two and it's vital for all of us, I find.

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow, these are all kinds of pretty and lovely!!

    One-on-one time is precious... I love it when I have them with my two. :)

  4. I love these shots, but even more so the story that goes with them!

  5. oh how sweet and what a lovely story

  6. Great shots, she looks like a sweetheart! :D

  7. holy crap....when did she grow up??!! she is beautiful :)

  8. Oh my golly! These are fabulous...your baby is beautiful!! Precious, precious time, way to go mama!

    Have a super end of the week!

  9. WOW! Beautiful photos! Stunning!


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