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All is right with the world...

Today's post has nothing to do with photography, but everything to do with family pictures...
Wednesdays are daddy days. It's daddy's day off from work. The day where mommy leaves him a laundry list of things to do and instead gets pictures sent to her phone of the kids at the park, or in the backyard playing, or having ice cream, which totally melts my heart and reassures me of the man I married but also makes me slightly jealous that I'm missing it. So today, when I walked in the door, my middle baby hands me her work of art posted below. It's her family picture. All of us, together, with big smiles on our faces (and belly buttons...very important feature, reminds us where we came from) I love that I'm holding her little sister, too cute...and for a minute...all is right with the world. I love when a 4 year old puts life in perspective!

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